Who is this girl?

I know that my page intrigued you so much that you just had to find out more! Well, let me delight you with more about moi!


My name is Giselle Sosa and I am a Broadcast Journalism Major and Television Production Minor in Palm Beach Atlantic University. I decided to open up this blog so that I could sharpen up my creativity and writing skills. Also, so that I can give people the opportunity to be informed of the latest news and latest events of my life :), to have fun reading my blogs, and to be part of my life and me of theirs.

Since I am into television and videos and all that stuff …I will be posting up alot of videos and trust me you will be hooked!



2 Responses to “Who is this girl?”

  1. Jaimee XD Says:

    im already hooked amorr jeje XD

  2. Please Visit :
    New York

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