Hello world!

Yes, that’s exactly what I want to say ..”Hello world!” …Give me a break! This is my first blog ever …and I hope it’ll take me somewhere.

So I am sitting in a hair salon watching my mother work. You see she’s been working as a beautician since she was fifteen in the Dominican Republic. She opened her first hair salon when she was 25 and its just been crazy since then. I admire her dearly. I look at her and I just think how much she has been through, how many different: weddings, break-ups, and child births she’s heard of; I just would not be able to do it.

And yea you are probably thinking ..”What is she doing there on a Saturday afternoon?” Well the answer to that is …that I really don’t know. I guess I just wanted to spend some time with her.

Well, keep on checking me out and see what you’ll be surprised with next! (Not like this was much of a surprise …)   😉


2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Wadi Gaitan Jr Says:

    Hello Giselle:

    I believe the title “Hello World” is exceedingly suitable for your first blog. It works perfect because through your first blog you’re a saying hello to the world of blogging as well as introducing yourself as a blogger.
    It is very interesting that you begin blogging about your mom; your mom is a person who knows you very well and a big part of your life; this allows us to get to know your mom and you at the time. It is very interesting how your mom gets to know people through doing their hair-I also find it fascinating how people open up to their hairstylist and barbers; even when they barely know them.

    Don’t worry about your blogging you will learn heuristically. Today your blogging ‘Hello World” soon enough you will be saying “hello world” on t.v… I know you’re going to get somewhere and somewhere big!!! And will keep checking you out- referring to your blogging- and waiting for surprises!!
    Wadi Gaitan Jr.

  2. Director Joey Says:

    WOW! Mr. Gaitan EXPLAINED IT ALL! I So Agree..HA! But Yeah Good Luck With Your Future Endeavors & Its A Great Thing To Have The Relationship You Have With Your Mom Now, Most People Can Not Say The Same Thing About Having A Healthy Or Even Role-Modeling Relationship With Their Mom, But You Have Been Blessed Too Have That Chance By The Grace Of GOD, You Have Truly Surpass To A Guiding Light With A Path From GOD! HA! Good Luck On Your Blog(s).

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